«What do you expect of two mavericks?» he asked the crowd

Palin Slip into Easy Camaraderie at First Joint Town Hall

Turns out what the Alaska governor wanted to add to McCain’s answer during a town hall cheap canada goose meeting here tonight was that the man at the top of the Republican ticket was «a bit too humble.»

The whole evening was a lot like that.

Before a loud and blissful Republican crowd in the gym of Grand Rapids Community College, McCain and Palin fielded questions from a former Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter who now backs McCain; another woman who asked for advice on recruiting Hispanic canada goose uk kensington parka supporters for the ticket; and a Vietnam veteran who simply told McCain, «May the grace of God be with you always, sir.»

It was the first time the folksy Palin has taken questions from voters since she was named to the ticket, and many of them seemed designed to allow her to answer critics.

Canada Goose Outlet One woman wanted to give her the chance to address those who say Palin can’t canada goose outlet price be a mother and vice president. «Well, let’s prove ’em wrong,» Palin said to cheers. Canada Goose Outlet

She talked about her role if the ticket is elected: «Let me tell you, I know a little bit about energy.

McCain piped in: «She’s commander of the Alaskan National Guard.»

buy canada goose jacket McCain’s senior advisers were cheering the performance, but, not surprisingly, the Obama campaign was not impressed. «Senator McCain and Governor Palin may have taken questions together for the first time, but they didn’t give a canada goose outlets uk single answer about what they would do differently from George Bush to fix the economy,» said Obama Biden campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale McCain and Palin are changing the normal dynamics of a presidential ticket, spending as much time together as campaigning apart. The two held a rally last night in Ohio, the town hall meeting today, and will campaign together in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota before the end of the week. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap McCain clearly likes the charge Palin brings to the crowd many women hold Palin signs written in lipstick and the two are working out a partnership on stage. After McCain answered one question from a supporter, he turned to Palin and asked if she had anything to add. buy canada goose jacket cheap

The simple visual of the 72 year old Washington veteran and the 44 year old first term governor is a striking reminder they form a different kind of political team, and the two go out of https://www.cheshuntteamministry.org.uk their way to try to make the case that they would be radical reformers of Washington.

Canada Goose sale «He is the maverick of the Senate, let’s send him to the White House!» Palin says by way of introduction. Canada Goose sale

He in turn even points out their differences, although they are not numerous. «What do you expect of two mavericks?» he cheap canada goose asked the crowd. «Agree on everything? Eh!»

And the two have already found their closing statement. Tonight, McCain turned over the microphone to Palin to let her close the meeting.

She told the audience that Sen. Barack Obama and the Democrats like to say that they are «fighting for you» in this election.

uk canada goose outlet «Well, there is only one man in this race who has ever really fought for you,» Palin said. «And that’s Sen. John McCain.» uk canada goose outlet

Posted at 9:30 PM ET on Sep 17, 2008

That is the most hilarious thing I ever heard. I am a Dane temporarily living in California, and I pay more taxes here. The average tax rate in canada goose outlet sale toronto N. Europe is + 30%.

Canada Goose Jackets For our money, we get: free education through university (and check out some statistics about the quality of that education, or the workforce it produces), almost free healthcare, plus a private health care sector where you truly can choose your own doctor and get an appointment _same day_ (not like here in the US where you have limited choice from your health plan and most of the docs are not accepting new patients). The private sector _without insurance help_ is cheaper than US healthcare because lo and behold the private sector is regulated by an actual free market and supply and demand, not by milking insurance companies. The big difference is that doctors make a lot less!! Canada Goose Jackets

It’s crazy that anyone spreads these lies about them foreign countries in this day and age, when global stats and numbers are readily available online.

canada goose clearance sale Check out international comparisons about social mobility: USA has the same social mobility as Britain, Mexico and Pakistan below every other Western industrialized country. Estonia and Czech Republic are way ahead on the American Dream! You can’t make your own fortune in this country, whereas in Northern Europe the social mobility index is tremendous and you really can be born to any social class and end up incredibly successful. canada goose clearance sale

Fact based canada goose outlet mississauga governance canada goose black friday sale is not something Americans are good at, preferring to base things on faith and make stuff up to support it. The results are obvious, and US world dominance is going to be over in the next 10 years.

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