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When I think of the Greeks if I think of them at all images of gray men joylessly pondering life’s imponderables spring to mind. What can they possibly do for me? I have bills to pay and e mails to send and deadlines to meet. The ancient Greeks seem about as relevant to my life as the rings of Saturn, or trigonometry..

Hi Brian. That really a great idea! I am due a new tripod/monopod as mine is really getting quite old. That sounds like a great idea for my next birthday present! LOL Most of my pictures these days are taken while I am going on walks, so my camera is the only thing that goes with me.

cheap canada goose cheap canada goose Ignite FC went 3 0 0 in August, scoring nine goals and posting a +7 goal differential while earning a signature victory in its 4 1 win against current League One leader North Texas SC on August 22. Ignite FC currently sits in second place in the League One standings with four . Full Story.

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DesperationI was getting desperate! I wanted a bird feeder close to the house, so I could really watch the birds, but I was getting tired of having to knock on the window to scare away the squirrels all the time. Then my ingenious husband came up with a great idea! We had recently changed out satellite service and had a small satellite dish that we weren’t using. The dish is about 16 18 inches around.

With unprecedented patient protections and benefits, families no longer need to worry that their children could be denied coverage because of a pre existing condition or that they could be denied critical care after hitting a lifetime limit. Seniors are now eligible for free preventive care and wellness visits with their doctor, and they are paying less out of pocket for their prescription drugs.So then, all disclaimers aside, I been planning to do something with Twelve Days Luminaria ever since I read Meredith Twelve Days post last year, and now that it actually coming to pass, I couldn be more excited about it! I had hoped to get the whole set done ahead of time (laugh if you must) in order to share them all with this post, but as usual, time gets away from me. Oh, well! I just go with what I have done so far, and update later with photos of the rest for anyone who may be interested. If you have good insurance and a solid cash reserve, you will find the US health care system to be great. In fact, you will find the best health care services that money can buy. That is why people of means come from all around the world to do major procedures here.

Well, Egyptian cotton bed sheets are made by Egyptian cotton. Duh? What is new in this? So let me tell you what they really mean when they say Egyptian cotton. Well to start, Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt. Black pudding is a central component of the «full English breakfast» that seems to be readily available all over London. It might be that you associating mainly with middle class people who find eating offal to be beneath them, or looking for it in middle class areas. A lot of people here have Polish ancestors who came here for work in the steel mills, and it a very working class sort of food..

I’m about to buy mini splits for my house (Mitsubishi HyperHeat). The output and efficiency of mini splits is highly dependent on outdoor temperature. I’m working with an engineer and HVAC installer person, but for my own peace of mind I’d like to see as much data as possible about weather (ideally including humidity) in my city.

Trump, Fox, Scaramucci kicking games: Darcy cartoon Trump, Fox, Scaramucci kicking games: Darcy cartoon The Cleveland Browns are having problems with their kickers. President Trump could be available to tryout in 2021, or sooner. Despite alleged bone spurs, Trump has repeatedly shown he can kick.

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