«It’s a political problem here

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Please welcome a possible new member to our band of upright apes: Homo luzonensis, whose teeth and bones were discovered in an island cave. The remains represent a new species, scientists concluded in a report published Wednesday in the journal Nature. They named it after Luzon, the island in the Philippines where the remains were found..

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hermes birkin bag replica cheap I don know if I am right though. Are you wasting your money? Possibly.Weed stocks are entirely driven by news catalysts because everybody is sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for that panty creaming moment when the US legalizes marijuana Nationwide.This is what I would do in your position.Take the loss or the small profits on your shares, reinvest in the MJ ETF and wait until the house votes on the safe banking act.When/if the safe banking act gets passed, it will open up the ability for American marijuana companies to uplist to the NYSE via American holding company ETFs.Canada legalizing weed was great for the people who had the foresight to invest last year but fact of the issue is that Canada is a nation of 37 million people and America is 380 million people. Theoretically America has 10 times the amount of marijuana users per capita compared to Canada so the real money that going to be made is in American marijuana companies.So there two ways to play this.Move your money over to a broker that will let you buy OTC stocks like TD and buy a select few stocks that have the largest grey market share right now.ACB is a long term play hermes birkin bag replica cheap.

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