No one had slept much for the 5 days and 5 nights so we were

fans cheer patriots atop boston snow piles at super bowl parade

There have been numerous official attempts to replicate the experience of the Resident Evil games in real life, most of them inexplicably food related, like this zombie themed restaurant or this butcher shop, which serves actual meat designed to look like human body parts. So they’ve got the «gore» part pretty well covered, but for a re creation of the «survival horror» aspect of the series you’d have to go to Japan, where you can pay the equivalent of $40 for the privilege of being locked in an abandoned hospital, which you then have to escape. The building in which you’ll willing trap yourself has been «designed to look like the world of Resident Evil,» but we’re guessing that not a whole lot of work was required to make it look creepy, since it’s an actual abandoned hospital in Tokyo where real patients were treated and presumably died (unless they’re still roaming the hallways as undead creatures)..

But a big lesson from the Lions’ tour of New Zealand in 2005 is that everyone has a job to do at the breakdown. If you look at the best sides in the world, all their players are very efficient in that area, from loose head props to centres. That’s what we need to develop.. This season, he has completed 86.6% of the passes he’s made: more than ever before.That means his passing is currently more accurate than it has ever been. It also suggests that, over time, Gerrard has curbed the urge to try a risky 60 yard diagonal. He’s learned and adapted the exact attribute for which Ryan Giggs was lauded in the last years of his playing career.Even so, there’s an obvious, dismissive explanation for these passing stats.

The latter type has an OLD of 120mm, but has an extra (redundant) locknut which when removed reduces the OLD to 115mm. Sheldon Brown used one of these hubs on his Raleigh Twenty. Sheldon’s set up is probably the best arrangement for this hub. Message received and answered loudly. With defenseman Ron Hainsey smarting from a puck that Ovechkin had just blasted into his chest, No. 8 collected the rebound, cut to his right and clubbed the puck over Fleury’s shoulder. Because of the nature of share farming the school population was transient. Often the teachers contributed to the school populations with production of children. This was not to be for Wal and Gert.

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In each and every motorized item you buy, you tend to find at least one or two things that were puffed on the sales copy. None of my off brand four wheelers purchased over the years approached the speeds claimed on their websites. This is common. He underwent surgery and was expected to return in January and then in late February. However, the inside portion of the bone was not fully healed. So the team announced on Feb. I always have a hard time with the All Star ballots. I tried for a bit, but kept getting a ballot.60 feet 6 inches. I was a pitcher in HS, and played every single position on my off days, but mainly SS and 3rd.

Nobody buys albums based on the cover alone. At least nobody we’ve ever met. But like all forms of mostly pointless commercial art, album covers are subject to ridiculous fads. «Hopefully fewer (years) vs. More. It’s hard to put a time frame on it. For the longest time, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale has been in a closed beta. Now the developers at Superbot are ready to open the beta to everybody as they head into the last month of development. The open beta is similar to the current closed beta, but there’s one crucial difference Cross Play..

There are lots of well known manufacturers which usually focus on these kinds of bags. If you wish to parade an attractive however uncomplicated bag in comparison with 100 % cotton Bags in addition to Jute Bag is the stand out point. There are several people that rely on this sort of bags and like buying from this sort of bags mainly because it reveals the way culturally liability you in the direction of your current entire world. Stage 2 was a hilltop finish atop Tawonga Gap, a 7.5 kilometre climb averaging six per cent. The beauty of a race like the Tour of Bright is that the crowd is made up of people that are competing in other grades, are supporting friends or relatives or have an intimate knowledge of cycling. It brings a level of appreciation of the pain you go through to be the first to the top..

And for months Iowans have been our pulse. «I love all of it,» said James Payton at a recent rally for Donald Trump. «I love going to the events, I love the ads, I love the whole experience and everything about it. «When you have your peers who understand it, they’re the ones who are actually going through similar situations and can relate to those types of situations because they’re in it. So to have my peers speak up and talk about that, it means a lot to me.»But does he expect to move this week?»I did not come here to talk about no trade talk,» Anthony said.Others have no choice. The Bulls might lose Gibson in free agency this summer, and Boston which could easily have the No.

All the other tributes were overshadowed by Obama text > didn know it at the time, but their contribution to civil rights was as important as any other, the president said. What we honor today a group of people who laced up their shoes and moved this country forward. Text >Hall of Fame coach Don Haskins, who used only his seven black players against Kentucky but never said race was the reason, died in 2008. Using neoprene, Velostat, conductive thread and stretch conductive fabric to sew your own fabric bend sensor. The sensor actually reacts (decreases in resistance) to pressure, not specifically to bend. But because it is sandwiched between two layers of neoprene, pressure is exerted while bending.

Whenever you check out any fitness website or magazine, buff and chiseled men and women stare back at you cheap nfl jerseys, toned, tanned and happy. Although many of those images are probably Photoshopped, it’s clear those people have put in their time at the gym. But maybe they’re on to something: Research shows that not only can weightlifting improve your body composition and give you a toned appearance, it can also improve your overall health and make you a happier person. An Indians fan caught four foul balls Sunday. Most people never even get near one..

C’est l’vnement annuel de collecte de fonds et de sensibilisation au profit de la Fondation canadienne du cancer du sein depuis 2005. Inspire de la beaut de notre beau et grand pays, la collection a, ce jour, mis en lumire les crations de plus de 150 designers de mode canadiens et qubcois. Pour le dfil 2016, le prestigieux tapis sera droul au Muse des beaux arts de l’Ontario le mercredi 28 septembre 2016.. Kyle Hallet, who was a freshman when I was a senior, has been very outspoken about it, Brown said. He said. Akron baseball has never been a come from behind kind of team.

You could feel it. The Duke players knew it was a rivalry, too. It wasn’t a one way thing.». You not playing those minutes, you not handling the puck as much. You not comfortable. I think it easier when you sync into a groove when you playing every other shift or three shifts or whatever it may be. It wasn’t until we were in range of the Sunderland Flying Boats that things eased off.Our quarters were under the gun platforms but owing to a fractured steam pipe we had to try to get some sleep in the crews bunks. No one had slept much for the 5 days and 5 nights so we were glad to get our heads down anywhere. When I was off watch I slept for most of the 8 hours, and woke to find large cockroaches walking over the blankets.

Whether you are a basketball coach that needs to dress his team, or you are hoops fan, finding the best cheap basketball uniforms is probably important. The key to buying the right uniforms at the right price is understanding exactly what you need and exactly what is most important to your situation. There are a ton of online retailers that sell cheap basketball uniforms with a massive selection of styles. In 1985, special modified cans of Coca Cola and Pepsi soda rode aboard the space shuttle Challenger on its STS 51F mission. The trip added more fuel to the so called «Cola Wars» between the Coca Cola Company and Pepsi, Co. «In addition to their desire to offer carbonated beverages for astronauts, Coca Cola was also observing the effects of spaceflight on changes in taste perception with the goal of understanding altered tastes among target populations on Earth, such as the elderly.».

The law stated that when a national holiday came on a Sunday, then the following day, Monday, would become a public holiday. Once upon a time before the use of the Gregorian calendar in 1873, public holidays in Japan were based on the traditional Chinese calendar. This meant that New Year’s Day was, for example, celebrated at the beginning of spring, like present (in March). They fix you up and then you go back. He going to do his thing, Mutombo said at the Mandela event . It appears the NBA will soon move to have ads on the front of its jersey, similar to how considerable money is made for leagues and teams in Europe in basketball and soccer.

Tor blimey, guv! If your morals have been meandering, a bit of old school penance never hurt anybody and legend has it that medieval pilgrims used to walk the 512 feet high Glastonbury Tor with peas lining their medieval shoes for that very purpose. If you follow their lead, you will be in fine company on the list of those who have traversed this tranquil site: from King Arthur to St. Patrick to alleged sightings of passersby from other galaxies, trying to discover what all the fuss is about.. NOTES: Kemp’s stiff shoulder was an after effect of running into the fence at full speed on Tuesday in Denver. Dodgers RHP Chad Billingsley had a platelet rich plasma injection in his injured right elbow, with Mattingly hopeful it will reveal whether Billingsley can pitch again this season.

Many difficulty levels and body positions need to be accommodated in bicycling, and this has brought several types of shifters to the market. Mountain biking and road cycling exhibit the largest differences in style and location of shifters. The types of shifters may also vary depending on the era in which each was produced as each decade has seen many popular shifter designs. Notes Cleveland third baseman Travis Fryman, sidelined since July 3 with a torn ligament in his right knee, was recalled from a rehab assignment and came in as a defensive replacement in the ninth. The Indians have scored five runs or more in an inning 29 times this season. Alomar is the first player in Indians history to score 100 runs, hit 20 homers, drive in 100 runs and steal 30 bases.

St. Mary’s College grabs a pass from out of bounds agianst CSUS. St. This isn’t the first time the GAA has been hit with a doping case. In 2008, Kerry All Star Aidan O’Mahony was found to have taken nearly double the amount of Salbutamol permitted by Wada but the GAA’s own anti doping hearing committee quickly ruled that it was via a medical inhaler and he avoided any time out of the game. Meanwhile in 2015 fringe Monaghan player Thomas Connolly became the first player in the sport to be banned after receiving two years for taking the anabolic steroid stanozolol.

Car Through House A drive through window is unintentionally created, and dinner is spoiled, when the team shares the «braking» news about runaway cars. Brendan and Dan debate the dangerous drawbacks of lawn mowers. And breakfast is almost toast when Francesca gets into toaster trouble. Mr. Council of Federal Savings Institutions, and the Union County Savings League. In addition he served on the Board of Governors of the New Jersey Savings League. «This is the best possible outcome given the circumstances,» Ben Dogra, told The Associated Press. «Adrian understands the gravity of the situation and this enables him to take care of his personal situation. Peterson said he was disciplining his son the same way his own father disciplined him while growing up in Palestine, Texas, and didn’t intend to hurt him..

Last Monday’s Internet poll for «The Player of the Century» resulted in a draw between Pele and Maradona. Pele supporters rightly argued that because of the average age of Internet users, few remember him in his prime. This is true. It also has a slew of awesome features and abilities such as. Reasonable onboard graphics so when it does come time to retire the build, the vid card can be stripped out and onboard video can be used as an energy efficient desktop. Another plus is the 6Gb/s on board raid controller, USB 3.0 and SB850 South Bridge.

SCOTT MARTIN: I guess I was doubtful. I didn’t know how you get that much equipment in the few short days that you get it. I probably thought it was impossible. The states then try to find the owner through websites, newspaper ads and booths at events like state fairs. But every year, the vast majority of unclaimed funds remain in state coffers, where the cash can be used to fund government operations. Although the states are careful to note that the owner’s claim to the property will always remain valid..

«You can’t back down,» he said. «So if we go out in the road and throw the football, if I’ve got to break my face I’m going to catch those passes. And when he used to pitch, I’d put the mask and the pads on and catch him. Scottish seed potato grower Andrew Skea says it is his favourite chip potato. If you like the interior of your chips, or roast potatoes, to have a fleecy fluffiness, this is the potato for you. They can be found in all the supermarkets. Here is a simple experiment you can do with your students. Find two similar reading selections. Have students read the first selection and then ask questions about the reading.

The wet wild photographs from each venue hardly painted the GAA in a good light. That the games were televised live didn help matters but we seen before where broadcasted matches have been called off because of adverse weather conditions. That it was the penultimate weekend of the league may have come into the decision making process too. 1. Who is this promotional event geared for? You should gear your open house event towards the people who will be more likely to use your company and its product or service. If your business is child or parent orientated then a family day might make the perfect event.

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Jackie is concrete, specific, and fact y, Neruda attempts to capture its subject through parable, euphemism, and extended metaphor. If that doesn’t make it the less successful film, it’s certainly the more elusive one. Narratively, they’re largely opposites.

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But other news articles say that independent witnesses saw him

The biggest gripe I have is that they completely threw out their narrative style and decided they wanted to have a standalone episode that didn show any of the other storylines or characters. This halted the momentum and climax that was building in Hawkins and completely took myself, as well as many others, out of it. It was like being blue balled.Now if they had taken all the shots and storyline from that specific episode and had mixed it in with the other storylines, I think we see a lot less complaining about the way the episode was handled..

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Sometimes you just want to let the guests dance. And you can’t exactly dance with a giant slice of cake on a plate in one hand and a fork in the other (well, you can, but it’s awkward). So why not give them the taste of cake in the easy to hold shape of cake pops? That’s exactly what Samar Hattar, founder and owner of Blissful Events in the San Francisco Bay area, says she likes to do for many of the weddings she coordinates.

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Attorneys for SK Foods, which is at the center of an ongoing

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As for rain this weekend and beyond, I wouldn’t get too excited. The long range outlook is still pretty bleak. In the image below (click it for a larger version) a suite of forecast models predicts cheap nfl jerseys that our area has just a 10 to 20 percent chance of getting 0.4 inches of rain or more during the next two weeks..

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You can follow all the action here on the BBC Sport website

In fact cheap jerseys, there had been what modern sport likes to call reasons for James switch. Ambition was one, money another and then there was the obligatory megalomaniac owner. Many believed Dan Gilbert revealed his colours when he penned his absurd open letter to the fans in the wake of LeBron departure. Top it off with matching peace sign jewelry. Take two large cardboard television boxes, and cut arm and neck holes in the tops and sides. Cover them in bright plush, used in making stuffed animals. Happy your simple solution fixed the problem. However, ear infections for which ear tubes are being considered have nothing to do with the ear canals, but rather the middle ear. Any beneficial effect of humidity would have to do with prevention of nasal dryness and crusting, which in some cases might adversely affect Eustachian tube function..

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However, we seldom see that 30 players fight in the game. In the past few days, rare exchange blows happened in the hockey league matches of Russia. The Omsk team and the Chekhov Witt Yazoo team’s members fought in the hockey area. Now, Sport UK is reporting cycling as the fourth most popular sport in terms of participation, there is the prospect of huge Olympic success, and, perhaps, a Tour start in Yorkshire in 2015. The steps forward in the last five years have been enormous. Factor them in and a Wiggins Tour win would gives British cycling a boost that, if handled properly, will last for decades..

The 22 year old German midfielder is the second Schalke midfielder on this list. When playing at VfL Bochum, Goretzka’s head coach Peter Neuruer described him as the «talent of the century». He is a versatile player who is most comfortable deployed as a central midfielder but has played behind the striker and out wide in his time at Schalke. Though Will and Me is by Dromgoole’s own admission an extended piece of Bardolatry, he is not overprotective of Shakespeare’s reputation. At one point he peddles a theory, borrowed from Peter Hall, about «the first ten lines of the day»: you can plot the day by day writing of the plays by looking for the patches of really plodding, anonymous blank verse that was Shakespeare churning the stuff out first thing in the morning, before he’d got over his hangover. Dromgoole sees these prolix patches as part of his greatness: «He’s not about being revised, he’s not about going to some literary manager who goes ‘Ooh, well I think you’re a bit flabby in the fourth act.’ He’s about getting the thing on just get it on, bash it out, see what it’s like..

That wee bit extra quality in certain areas and physicality eventually made them comprehensive winners but I do believe the scoreline was harsh.»Miller: Rodgers aback by DonsFT Aberdeen 1 3 CelticPosted at 22:13 12 MayBBC Scotland football pundit Willie Miller: «Are you allowed to disagree with Brendan Rodgers? I don’t think his team defended particularly well. I think he’s a little bit disingenuous to Aberdeen because I thought at times Aberdeen passed it well. OK, I understand what he’s saying about the long ball but when they got the second ball they got it in to wide areas and got good crosses into the box as well.

There is a flood of rape cases and gang rape incidences. Incidences of somehow enticing others wife, daughter etc so as to abduct them, selling them to brothels for prostitution etc are now included in newer types of crime. Till a few decades back we looked upon others daughter in law, sister, mother as one’s very own family member but it seems today that such pious relationships are coming to a grinding halt. The 1980s were a time of enlightenment. A time when a show called Knight Rider explored the intricate philosophical relationship between man and sentient automobile. Even though the short lived treatise was banished to the land of late night lineups and bargain bin VHS sales, diehard fans have saved KITT from oblivion by building their own versions of the voluble vehicle that taught a young David Hasselhoff how to love..

Minnesota’s Jared Allen went to Chicago, filling the void left by Bears defensive end Julius Peppers, who’s headed to Green Bay. Allen, who has had some monster years, recorded a respectable 111/2 sacks last season and looked as if he might be headed to Seattle. Instead, he’ll bolster a Bears defensive front that had already added Lamarr Houston, Oakland’s best defensive lineman last season. That means that for every A Rod or Manny Ramirez, there are a dozen serviceable full time outfielders and middle relievers sliding by on a lowly CEO’s salary. Even Rodriguez’s new teammate Raphael Palmiero, in defending A Rod’s contract, pointed out that it doesn’t put the Rangers among the five highest payrolls. That’s because, with a median player salary of $800,000, the Rangers are weighted with players at the bottom of the pay scale..

Sometimes you have to have emotion to get things across. On the bench I watch the game and am a low demeanour guy. But there are games in between periods when I walk in right after the players and the gloves are off and it’s ‘let’s go right now. Charlie Faumuina (Blues) is one of the most complete players in rugby. In addition providing quality in the core roles of a prop, he always made it well past the advantage line when he carried on Sunday night using a delicious combination of a strong fend, quick feet and raw power. On his current outstanding form, Faumuina’s going to provide a massive point of different off the All Blacks bench during the Lions Series Forward of the Week.

The trains may well be the worst in Europe; has this got anything to do with the fact that as a nation we pay the least percentage of GDP as tax? Of course it has we want what the mainland Europeans have but we cant get rid of the Thatcherite mentality which says ‘pay less tax’. We can’t have it both ways. This also applies to all other areas of the public service. Home health aides find work in licensed home care hospices that usually receive government or charitable funding as financial support. Their main responsibility is to assist the hospices’ clients who may be chronically ill, disabled, a senior citizen or cognitively impaired. Clients are usually outpatients requiring medical and other forms of health care assistance on a short term basis..

You would think that a title like denotes an established professional standard in terms of education and accreditation. Depending on where you live, however, that might not be the case. According to the American Dietetic Association, in some states anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, even if they have no experience or training. And governor Chris Christie. But remember that stress here is right now state of the state address. plenty an economic live streaming that. No longer have confidence in the circumstances in which the bag was found, Eoannou told reporters during a hastily called press conference in the Buffalo area Thursday night. Do not believe the version of events in which I received the bag. I lack confidence in the story that was told to me and I have an ethical obligation to withdraw..

2116: The women’s team pursuit and women’s team sprint are the main events of day two, as the Brits try to win back those titles from the Aussies. Plenty else going on too, though, including the individual men’s sprint qualifiers and quarter finals, and none of it will be dull. You can follow all the action here on the BBC Sport website, where Marc Vesty will guide you through all the action. However, a request to a New Zealand cricket official bore fruit. The vast dark hall came alive as the lights were switched on. Cricket does get its share of honour in the two halls, starting with a giant set of stumps, and models of action on and off the pitch as well as photographs.

However, if the election is the classification election and not a request to change the entity classification, there is relief available for a late election (more than 75 days before the filing of the Form 8832). See the instructions for Form 8832. Individual Income Tax Return?. If your checks are routinely stepped on and misdelivered, it may not be due to simple human error. If you give your mail person a reason to hate you, well . Your stuff might just take longer to arrive. More recently, Malhotra was feted for making Priyanka Chopra come across as a real style maven in the hit film Dostana. Recalls Malhotra, eyeing the delicious looking main course as it makes it to our table, «Karan (Johar, the film’s producer) and I were discussing what Priyanka should wear for that song. And he felt that a sari wouldn’t be suitable as Priyanka’s character in the film is based in Miami.

Gavin: You hear stories about recovery, but I try to take it with a pinch of salt. I have an architect friend at home who says they are getting busier, but he is comparing that to when he was unemployed. I am sceptical. It’s where all the best players in the world want to perform. We recognise him as a superstar in this part of the world but he can be one on a world stage too. I am pleased for all the players and for Mick, but especially for him.». If you read the last post you probably picked up on the fact that many of the uglier jerseys are also some of the newer jerseys. At one point in time, Phoenix would have easily fit on that list, if not had sat on the very top of it looking down at the rest of the pretenders to the throne with disdain. But someone in Arizona finally made a rational and well reasoned decision (for the first time ever?) and decided to get back to basics with a simple and dignified color scheme and symbol.

Once you log into your new Evony account by using your selected email address and password of your choice a window with a large list of servers will pop up. This is where you will decide in which server you will play and whether it will be in AgeI or AgeII. Whatever your choice may be, it is recommended to play the newer servers as they are where all the newer players are directed to so you will not be months behind other players.. Then that player is overcome with emotion when he connects with his family in the stands. A poignant moment. At that stage I thought he had crossed the Rubicon.

By way of introduction, if your read the previous blog, you’ll note that I mentioned how a number of observant people had noticed the strange behavior of the terrorist, Hasan. These people were no doubt living at least a part of their lives in what might be called the Yellow Zone, which we will briefly consider here. This is the level of caution that we all should be living in. Ezekiel 28:3 Behold, thou art wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that they can hide from thee: Ecclesiastes 3:8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. Jeremiah 8:15 We looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble! Genesis 49:17 Dan shall be a serpent by the way,. (St.

A two time All Big Ten academic selection. A kid who never whined publicly about being benched his senior season. A kid who knows how to work hard. Everything good. Don worry about that. He was such a good ccmjerseys, strong motivator. ET. Soccer President Sunil Gulati. Soccer’s original 1913 design in a 1 0 win against visiting Costa Rica in a 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying match. Lord, there is an incredible gift wrapped and set aside for our upcoming wedding from you to us and then us to each other. I beseech you to let your strength be evident in our weakness! Let not even a corner of the paper be torn or wrinkled. Help us, I pray to cherish, trust, WAIT and not gobble.

In fact, I don’t think anyone at the Wankhede was wearing deep blue for any other team but Mumbai. Lasith Malinga bowled a lethal spell for four wickets, and Harbhajan also took two. But the Man of the Match award went to Steyn. The leadership of the guild hands out loot to whomever they feel deserves it In theory, the best way to handle loot distribution for raid progression. It is the most straight forward way to always distribute gear according to your guilds principles. While loot councils may be used to distribute loot among both casual and hardcore, keeping gear levels even, this does not play toward the strengths of this system (for a better alternative see Suicide Kings)..

Par here is outstanding, bogey in some instances might not be bad either. The play is a sweeping draw and let the green funnel your ball to the hole. You’ll need to play the third several times before you get the hang of it. To determine which, of the fabrics we selected, would make the best filtration material, we initially filtered water through a single layer of each of the fabrics, measuring the cloudiness of the water before and after filtration. For the purpose of consistency, our first tests were carried out by simply allowing the force of gravity to push the water through the material. We used a piece of PVC pipe for this purpose and attached the filter materials with a rubber band..

Yet Ribart’s vision lives on to this day, and his dream of a gargantuan, peanut loving quadruped inspired structure may have been most effectively realized in . New Jersey. Just south of Atlantic City is where architecture enthusiasts can come to find , a six story leviathan made of wood and tin sheeting, created to «sell real estate and attract tourists» to the Garden State. Jim Robson: «He’ll play. You know he’ll play. He’ll play on crutches!» If Trevor Linden is the face of the Canucks, then Robson will always be known as its voice.

ROUGHNECKS When facing Calgary, job No. 1 is to contain Curtis Dickson. Job No. When the genome was partitioned into 1Mbp windows and the combined effects of SNPs within each interval estimated, the chromosome 5 93 94Mbp window accounted for 2.1% of the genetic variance in milk fat percentage, representing the third largest QTL genome wide (Supplementary Table S2). Of the top five genome wide window QTL, all except the chromosome 5 93 94Mbp locus contained genes with previously demonstrated causal roles in milk composition regulation. These were: chromosome 14 1 2Mbp (DGAT14), chromosome 27 36 37Mbp (AGPAT67), chromosome 11 103 104Mbp (PAEP20), and chromosome 20 31 32Mbp (GHR6).

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Don be embarrassed to admit it, because there absolutely are people out there abusing the system. Acknowledging you think that doesn make you a bad person, because you not the asshat that started yelling at a woman in a parking lot. The fact that you say you would never call out/yell at someone, that means you on the right side here :).

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It massive. If it works it will honestly be massive. There are a whole bunch of interesting things about tokenomics I could go into but honestly as a starting point I would say just get excited about the possibilities opened up by end to end trustless smart contracts, and work from there..

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I was fed up. I decided to take matters into my own hands. A scary thought, since these hands are not crafty hands. I had a similar issue with Walmart. Told my manager that I needed off one day that week to drive my SO to the airport (they were leaving to another country for a year, so I wanted to see them off). She said that was fine, to just adjust my availability and it would be all good.

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ATM I am taking time for myself with good friends

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